Nova Scotia lobster fishery to receive CA$400,000 in government funding

Steve Craig, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Nova Scotia, Gordon Beaton, Nova Scotia Vice President, Maritime Fishermen’s Union. and Sean Fraser, Minister of Refugees, Citizenship and Immigration and Member of Parliament for Central Nova Scotia (Photo: Canadian Government)

The Canadian federal government and the government of Nova Scotia will make a total contribution of over CA$400,000 (US$303,370) to help the Maritime Fishermen’s Union (MFU) deliver a project to its Nova Scotia members to improve the quality, vitality, and value of harvested lobster.

The funding will help the lobster fishery in the Southeastern Northumberland Strait, Eastern Cape Breton, and Southwest Nova Scotia improve the quality of lobster being marketed, the efficiency of fishing activities, and the onboard safety of crew. Live-well systems, which measure water quality, will be installed or upgraded on vessels.

The funding will also provide crew members with canopy extensions to create more shade, lobster sorting tables, and automatic lobster banders.

The contribution comes from the CA$400 million (US$303.3 million) Atlantic Fisheries Fund, which is jointly funded by the federal and provincial governments.

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