Ten rescued after overloaded fishing boat sinks off Cebu, Philippines

Photo: Philippine Coast Guard
Photo: Philippine Coast Guard

The Philippine Coast Guard successfully rescued ten people from the waters off Camotes island in Cebu province after their boat sank on Monday, May 10.

The coast guard said that the boat had left Camotes at 04:00 local time on Monday and was headed for Tudela, Cebu, when it started to sink.

After receiving an eyewitness report on the incident, the coast guard deployed a search and rescue (SAR) team to the area to render assistance to the occupants of the distressed vessel. All ten were safely evacuated to shore and given medical attention.

The survivors also included three children.

A coast guard official said the boat sank as a result of overloading, as it was intended to carry only one occupant and not to be used to transport passengers.

The boat's captain has been taken in for questioning as part of the investigation into the sinking.

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