FIS launches new projects to boost Scottish seafood sector

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) has launched two new projects with the aim of exploring digitalisation of the Scottish fishing fleet and understanding the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from fishing vessels.

Responding to the need to combat greenhouse gas emissions across all industries, FIS will partner with consultancy MarFishEco (MFE) and Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to explore specific emission issues from each fleet segment within Scottish fishing.

Experts from MFE and Heriot-Watt University will look to inform the development of a practical tool to measure and validate changes in carbon use at an individual vessel level and inform national action to reduce fleet emissions, including identifying technological solutions, costs and pathways to transition.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in many crucial aspects of Scottish fisheries, through in-water gear selectivity, real-time reporting apps, and more, FIS has confirmed that it will work with Verifact, a company that provides software and advisory services to the seafood sector.

The collaboration with Verifact has the aims of auditing the Scottish fishing fleet’s current and future digital capabilities and of looking for opportunities learned within other sectors in order to support FIS in identifying practical, innovative projects.

Over the next five weeks, both organisations will be working on their respective projects, with support from FIS, its members and other experts. Once the initial desk-based research is complete, FIS members will decide on the next steps for practical innovation projects.

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