Focus on Marine Pilotage

Focus on Marine Pilotage


The pilot boats included in this latest lineup of vessel reviews are for customers across a broad geographical range, from the US East Coast to Europe, the Middle East, and finally in South Asia. Two of the vessels are refits with one having formerly operated as an oil spill response platform.

The boats’ builders are also geographically diverse as represented by shipyards in France, Ireland, Turkey, the US, and Sri Lanka. The French-, Irish-, and US-built boats are for local operators while the remaining two are in fulfilment of overseas orders.

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AWARDS 2021 | Best Large Pilot Boat – Mantaray – Hart Marine

– “The boat features a unique beak bow hull form, which reduces slamming, vertical acceleration, and fatigue of pilots besides improving the wave-piercing ability, thereby reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Catamaran Pilot Boat – Ybor – Jutson Marine Design & ACI Boats

– “The owners wanted to add a level of nimbleness and performance so that more could be achieved in a given time period.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Small Pilot Boat – P2 – Cantiere Nautico Portegrandi

– “Its most noteworthy attributes are its spacious superstructure compared with its small dimensions, detailing similar to what is found on leisure boats, and improved safety and comfortable sailing thanks to cutting edge features and electronics.”

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