AWARDS 2019 | Best Small Pilot Boat – Pilot 61 – Baltic Workboats

AWARDS 2019 | Best Small Pilot Boat – Pilot 61 – Baltic Workboats


Best Small Pilot Boat – Pilot 61 – Baltic Workboats

With its often harsh conditions, the Baltic Sea is a testing environment for work boats of all kinds but, most particularly for pilot boats. Estonia’s Baltic Work Boats has sold numerous examples of its pilot boats into the region, so it must be doing something right. Pilot 61 is a highly refined but fairly typical example of the BWB breed. It is fast, smooth riding and very comfortable thanks, in part, to its wave-piercing bow. The very fact that the demanding DanPilot organisation has 15 of these boats with two more on order confirms that BWB is serving its market well.

When asked what makes BWB’s pilot boat special, Edgar Peganov said the main factor was its wave-piercing technology.

“The hull design reduces pitching motions and provides a smoother ride for the captain and the crew at all speeds. When compared to a traditional hull, a wave-piercing hull design provides 40 per cent less vertical acceleration and up to a 30 per cent improvement in fuel economy. Also, of course, the high quality of interior design, comfort and ergonomics.”

The model has been in BWB’s production range for several years now. Continuous orders for the same model and configuration reflect that the engineering, design and product development efforts are going in the right direction.

The biggest user is currently DanPilot, with a total of 15 units, the final two of which will be delivered in 2020.

According to Peganov, 2019 has been busy as usual, and things are looking bright for the future as well.

In terms of the future, BWB sees key concerns being the reduction of lifecycle costs and environmental impact.

“In addition the pilot industry is looking more on how to increase the comfort and safety and decrease fatigue of the crews, which are main features for us as well to concentrate on,” concluded Peganov.

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