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Best Medium Patrol Boat - Sabah
Best Medium Patrol Boat - Sabah

A true multi-national cooperation, the steel/aluminium fast patrol boat Sabah has involved a British designer, a Spanish builder and a German engine manufacturer, creating a magnificent vessel for a Kuwaiti government customer.

Leading British designer Camarc has produced an attractive and efficient multi-purpose patrol and SAR boat. At 42 metres LOA and with a top speed of 30 knots, this impressive vessel carries enough fuel to ensure a very useful working range of 2,000 nautical miles at 14 knots.

She is designed to operate comfortably and safely in the often almost unbearably hot waters of the Arabian Gulf.

"The goal of high speed is nothing new for a patrol craft," Camarc told Baird Maritime, "but when 30 knots is required for a vessel built with a steel hull, this is a particular challenge, especially when equipment and services to be included are not compromised."

Camarc further explained that Sabah was built to BV classification requirements with an "unrestricted" notation for offshore operations. Particular features include a ramp rapid launch/recover seven-metre intercept RIB, a gyro stabiliser, and a deck crane for equipment recovery and loading of stores.

"As would be expected in a craft operating in the extreme climate of the upper Arabian Gulf full, air conditioning and environmental control of crew spaces is essential. The concept was made possible by using our refined double chine hull form, giving that extra speed factor, in conjunction with carefully and well executed weight control procedures during the design and build."

The selection of this unique hull form was deliberate, as the vessel was developed to satisfy the requirement of reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

"Because of the need to satisfy those two key attributes," Camarc commented, "we have been striving for continued improvements in efficiencies and incorporating the latest in equipment and technology. Also, we have begun looking at alternative fuel sources and forms of propulsion as viable options become available."

The decision to take this route gave Camarc an advantage in that it was able to sustain its business operations even after the onset of Covid-19. This, along with expectations of the patrol boat market expanding and evolving further, led to the company adopting a positive mindset in preparation for 2021.

"We have seen steady business in various regions worldwide in 2020. We also remain optimistic about the future as the need to continue to improve vessel design and capability for operators continues along with the need to improve efficiencies and reduce emissions.

"The good news for us is that patrol boats will continue to become more diversified with specialised craft for harbour and inshore asset protection and versatile high-speed offshore multi-role vessels to secure economic activity zones. We expect we will see a continued trend to combine border control with more conventional patrol duties, along with rescue and recovery capabilities."

Camarc remains mindful of the need to stay within regulatory limits, but the company also feels that customers deserve more in terms of performance and capability.

"The drive for higher efficiency and lower emissions will continue as emission targets and regulations come online," Camarc told Baird Maritime." Main machinery options will increase as manufacturers embrace integrated hybrid solutions while hull designs will continue to evolve for efficiency and the refined application of build materials will reduce vessel weight and, in turn, requirements for propulsive power. All of this, of course, needs to be balanced with providing a capable, reliable and robust platform that will enable operators to continue to meet their objectives."

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