Best of 2020 Awards

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Best of 2020 Awards

Message from our co-founder Neil Baird

In many respects, even discounting the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a very interesting year. In the maritime industry and, especially with respect to new vessels, it has been even more so.

Despite the viral disruption, it has been a very creative and productive year for naval architects, ship builders and their suppliers globally, particularly in the work, fishing, passenger and maritime security sectors. Indeed, reviewed more (and more varied) ships and boats in 2020 than in any previous year.

Importantly, the innovation shown in their design and fit out and the quality of construction and finishing, generally, have been both unprecedented and very impressive.

It has been a very good year for the wider industry in the wider world. Obviously, certain sectors such as offshore service vessels have had a bad year but, even there, there have been exceptions to the overall trend. To some extent, oil and gas OSVs have been compensated for by the fast expanding wind OSV market to the degree that it is now looking “toppy” and over invested. Nevertheless, even allowing for the possibly dodgy economics of the sector, it has produced some first rate and very imaginative vessels.

Tugs, passenger vessels, dredgers and maritime security vessels have ploughed on relentlessly with well over 100 such craft being reviewed here during the year. Almost every one that we have reviewed has been impressive. So much so, in fact, that it has been very difficult to decide which ones really stand out sufficiently to be awarded “Best”.

As always, we try to make our awards on the basis of a combination of quality, innovation, reliability, utility, economy, sustainability and style. That is never easy but, after very careful consideration and discussion, the decisions have been made. We have been making these awards for more than thirty years and rarely get them wrong but we will always be interested in comments or criticisms from our readers.

The fundamental idea of awards such as these is to highlight and reward excellence and to publicise it. We also want to give our readers the benefit of the ideas and innovation that the awards recognise. We trust you will be inspired by what you read and will start ordering some excellent new ships and boats for your fleets.

List of Vessels

All the vessels in all categories from around the world that we reviewed in this awards period.

Selection Criteria

How we decide on the award-winning vessels and equipment/service suppliers in each category 


Winners will be announced day by day over the course of the event