Construction starts on Royal Navy’s Type 31 frigates

Construction starts on Royal Navy’s Type 31 frigates

Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

Construction began on the Royal Navy’s Type 31 or Inspiration-class frigates with the cutting of the lead ship’s first steel during a ceremony at Babcock International’s Rosyth facilities on Thursday, September 23.

Navy officials expect the future HMS Venturer will be launched into the water within the next two years while the remaining four ships in the class will follow within seven years.

The future Venturer and its sisters will replace the Royal Navy’s Type 23 or Montrose-class frigates in general support duties. Their missions will include submarine detection, interception and disruption of illegal activity at sea, intelligence gathering, defence engagement, and providing humanitarian support.

Each Type 31 ship will be equipped with the Sea Ceptor air defence missile system, a 57-millimetre main gun, two 40-millimetre autocannons, a 4D radar, and a helicopter deck with hangar.

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