AWARDS 2020 | Best Landing Craft – Terror – Incat Crowther and Coastal Workboats

Terror - Best Landing Craft

Best Landing Craft – Terror – Incat Crowther and Coastal Workboats

An interesting and obviously successful collaboration between a leading Australian designer and well-known (under its previous Exeter Fabrications moniker) British builder, this very versatile landing craft will serve the newly delivered but already famous British Arctic Survey ship Sir David Attenborough.

She will be carried aboard the mother ship for which she is classed as a cargo tender. Obviously, she will be operated in extremely difficult conditions. An all aluminium craft, she is powered by twin 162kW Doosan diesels and is fitted with a two-tonne crane and a bow ramp. She can carry a 20-foot container and the equivalent in vehicles. She is very much “multi-functional”.

“This project was unique and very special,” Coastal Workboats told Baird Maritime, “because it gave our small family-owned British shipyard the opportunity to showcase our capability by delivering a vessel worthy of its place on the Sir David Attenborough.

“Having worked with Incat Crowther on several specialist aluminium vessel projects, they seemed a natural fit for this project. We were delighted to win the tender to build Terror.”

Close collaboration with the BAS team helped Coastal Workboats learn more about the working environment and challenging operational requirements for this landing craft. It gave the builders a valuable understanding and enabled them to develop innovative solutions.

“Our greatest challenge was to accommodate all the requirements and remain within the weight budget, whilst paying attention to the placement of equipment to optimise distribution of weight and remove ballast.” Coastal Workboats told Baird Maritime. “Incat Crowther designed suitable lifting lugs to lift the vessel with 16 persons on board safely. Keeping our focus on simplicity and safety for the operator, some of the features we developed were a fully hydraulic bi-folding ramp and an innovative solution of a fuel bund for the carriage of a 10-tonne fuel flubber.”

The craft possesses exceptional crane and deadweight capacity for its size, enabling it to, “punch above her weight,” as Incat Crowther remarked.

Terror will play a key role as the main interface between the new Polar Research Ship Sir David Attenborough and the shore for the transfer of people, supplies and equipment.

“The boat will play a critical role in supporting climate research in the polar regions and resupplying our Antarctic research stations,” Captain Will Whatley of the BAS commented. “We’re looking forward to putting the boat through its paces in Antarctica later this year.”

The delivery of Terror was a bright spot for both Coastal Workboats and Incat Crowther in 2020.

“It is probably no surprise the main issue for our business and many others in the EU/UK,” Coastal Workboats said, “is the uncertainty of a trade deal and the challenge of the Covid pandemic. It has been a difficult year for many and we are no exception due to the Covid outbreak, though we have remained open throughout but at a reduced level.

“We nonetheless are extremely optimistic for the future and see great opportunity,” the builders added. “With climate change at the top of the political agenda, we predict an increased demand for research support vessels. Advancements in green energy, cleaner seas, sustainable working practices and safety will all be important factors in the coming years.”

Incat Crowther shares the same optimism, asserting that its own product diversity has served as an effective hedge against market demand fluctuations. In addition to designing research vessels like Terror, the company is enjoying steady progress in the shadow yacht and wind farm service vessel sectors.

“We are seeing shifts in demand for different types of ships across the workboat market, causing some markets to slow, and others to grow. As the world moves towards reducing emissions and optimising costs, there will be even more focus on new solutions which offer high efficiency and capability.”

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