AWARDS 2019 | Best Super Yacht Support Vessel – Hodor – Incat Crowther

AWARDS 2019 | Best Super Yacht Support Vessel – Hodor – Incat Crowther


Best Super Yacht Support Vessel – Hodor – Incat Crowther

The multi-national combination of Australia’s Incat Crowther and Spain’s Astilleros Armon has produced the amazing Hodor, one of the new breed of shadow vessels which every self-respecting owner of a super yacht must have.

Designed to carry the requisite helicopters, high-speed tenders, dive boats, dive equipment, cars, motor bikes, jet skis, fuel and other supplies and personnel that may be needed from time-to-time, such vessels have to be capacious and fast.

Hodor fits the bill. She’s a very stylish and capable vessel based on Incat Crowther’s long previous experience with fast ferries and crew/supply boats. A magnificent floating “toy box”.

Hodor has been completely customised to carry the specific equipment and supplies to support and enhance the owner’s mothership capabilities. The design uses the robust engineering of hulls proven in offshore platform service, such as the Seacor “Crewzer”-class and Incat Crowther’s 70-metre fast crewboat class. Hodor brings Incat Crowther’s catamaran capability to the yacht industry.

Incat Crowther provided a full design package, from initial concept arrangements through to functional structural design deliverables through to trials support and stability documentation.

Incat Crowther told Baird Maritime there’s a new market emerging for support vessels based on a solid commercial platform.

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