Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture

Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture


All but one of this month’s featured fishing vessels were designed and built for use in Atlantic waters. First are two Norwegian-owned newbuilds, including one of the largest purpose-built longlining/Danish seining vessels ever built with an LOA of 67 metres.

An operator in Spain has meanwhile begun sailings of a factory longliner supplied by a seasoned Turkish shipyard. Lastly, a new crab boat was recently completed in Spain and is now taking on the challenging conditions in the waters off England’s southern coast.

Trawling • Longlining • Seining • Potting • Aquaculture • Mariculture

Readers are also treated to another excerpt from Swimming with Fishes, the published memoirs of retired American fishery biologist (as well as Baird Maritime contributor) Bob Iversen. With combined decades of experience as a US Navy officer and a fishery biologist stationed in Hawaii, Dr Iversen was kind enough to share a wealth of interesting and exciting stories about his work in his chosen fields. Some of these first-hand accounts have already been posted on these pages, and many more will follow in the coming months.

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REMINISCENCES | The white dot (another shark story)

– “The whole encounter did not last more than 10 seconds and at the end of this short bit of time, judging from its behavior, I think I scared the shark.”

– by Bob Iversen, retired Hawaii fishery biologist and former US Navy officer

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REMINISCENCES | Two sharks: one real, one fake

– “Why Hawaii’s commercial aku fleet did not use threadfin shad as a regular bait is another story, one that caused me a lot of grief and gave me a lesson when it comes to selecting fishing vessels to try a new bait species or anything else that is new.”

– by Bob Iversen, retired Hawaii fishery biologist and former US Navy officer

OPINION | How solid is the science behind CITES anyway?

– “The assumption that trade — any trade — leads to ‘exploitation’ is wrong.”

– by Godfrey Harris, founder of the Ivory Education Institute, a California-based, non-profit, public benefit association

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