Purse seine industries and Seychelles launch partnership to recycle end-of-life fishing nets

Photo: Europeche

The Seychellean Department of Blue Economy has been collaborating with tuna industry stakeholders for some time to promote the recycling of end-of-life fishing nets used by purse seiners operating in Seychelles waters.

As part of the effort, Spanish tuna fishing association Organización Productores Asociados Grandes Atuneros Congeladores (OPAGAC) has financed an evaluation project in consultation with local stakeholders to find feasible solutions. The BRIKOLE start-up is a result of this long run work.

Sustainability for Seychelles highlights that, “all parties involved want to limit the impact of fishing on the environment and so they want to address the issue of end-of-life fishing nets in Seychelles through sustainable business operations”.

In a press statement, BRIKOLE insists that there will be a “first phase whereby the net repair yard would be cleared [of old nets and tools], followed by a second phase with the construction of a local recycling facility [where] the nets will be processed, maximising the economic value from previously unwanted material”, creating new jobs in Seychelles.

Dr Julio Morón, managing director of OPAGAC, believes that the endeavour “is a groundbreaking project to which OPAGAC companies are proud to contribute by donating end-of-life fishing nets for effective recycling, generating added value in Seychelles.”

ORTHONGEL, representing French and Italian tuna purse seiners, has also joined this initiative.