COLUMN | Bourbon bites the bankruptcy bullet [Offshore Accounts]

Nobody likes to receive unexpected bills. Imagine the shock of Bourbon Corporation’s CEO, Chairman, Founder, and de facto controlling shareholder, Jacques de Chateauvieux, when he opened his mail last month and received a pile of letters of demand from the Chinese finance company ICBC Leasing. Mr de Chateauvieux was on the record that his company had been engaged in “amicable negotiations” to reschedule his company’s debts to ICBC in light of the offshore industry crisis. Now the pile of payment claims on his desk showed that the situation was clearly no longer “amicable.”

Solstad awarded PSV and AHTS contracts

One of Solstad Offshore’s platform supply vessels (PSVs) has been contracted to GeoSea for a period of 180 days firm plus up to seven months of options with commencement in the second quarter of 2019.

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