VESSEL REVIEW | Gharo – Turkish-built tug quartet for Pakistan’s Port Qasim Authority

Photo: Port Qasim Authority

The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) of Pakistan has taken delivery of four new ASD tugs built by Turkey’s Sanmar Shipyards.

The four RINA-classed newbuild tugs have been named Gharo, Malir, Korangi, and Pipri. The first three tugs are each powered by two 2,350kW main engines while Pipri has two 2,525kW main engines, though all four tugs utilise a design that was developed by Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) exclusively for manufacture by Sanmar. The design emphasises cost-efficient construction without compromising customisation to satisfy operators’ specific requirements.

The newbuilds each have an LOA of 32 metres, a moulded beam of 13 metres, a maximum draught of 5.5 metres, space for 10 crewmembers. The two main engines on each tug deliver a speed of 13 knots and bollard pulls ranging from 76 to 86 tonnes. Special care has also been given to provide resilient mounting for all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sanmar said the sound levels are according to requirements of flag authorities.

Photo: Port Qasim Authority

The tugs are ideal for escort and offshore terminal support operation thanks in part to their unique sponsoned hull forms, which are proven to significantly enhance escort towing and seakeeping performance. Escort forces are enhanced by the effects of the sponsons as well as by the prominent foil-shaped escort skeg forward. Roll motions and accelerations are less than half those of comparable sized “standard” wall-sided tug hulls.

The array of deck equipment includes aft towing and forward escort winches, a knuckle boom crane with a one-tonne maximum lifting capacity, and towing pins. The Fifi1 equipment meanwhile consists of two main engine-driven pumps and two remotely operated foam/water monitors. Heavy duty W-type rubber fendering is installed at the bow and stern while the sides have D-type fendering.

Below deck are two single cabins for the master and the chief engineer and two double cabins for the remaining four crewmembers. A laundry room is also found on this deck. On the main deck are two offices, a water closet, a galley, and a mess/lounge. The floors are covered with IMO-approved teak imitating covering while the interiors are kept cool by an HVAC from Heinen and Hopman. Sanmar said the level of quality, comfort, and safety suit the requirements of various flag authorities.

Photo: Sanmar Shipyards

The tugs were also designed to comply with unattended machinery space requirements according to the AUT-UMS notation. Alarm displays are available in the mess room and in the chief engineer’s cabin. Extended operation of the electrical system, essential pumps, and engine room fans can be controlled from the wheelhouse.

PQA said the vessels will also be configured to allow operations on LNG as an optional fuel. Their area of operations will be in the Arabian Sea off Pakistan. The newbuilds were supplied as part of a US$33.46 million contract signed by Sanmar and the Pakistani Ministry of Maritime Affairs in April 2021 for six pilot boats and tugs for deployment off one of the largest deepwater ports in the Karachi area.

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Gharo, Korangi, Malir & Pipri
Type of vessel:Harbour tugs
Classification:RINA +C Escort Tug, +HULL, •MACH, Unrestricted Navigation, Towing, +AUT-UMS, Fire Fighting Ship 1 with water spray, IWS
Owner:Port Qasim Authority, Pakistan
Designer:Robert Allan Ltd, Canada
Builder:Sanmar Shipyards, Turkey
Length overall:32 metres
Beam:13 metres
Draught:5.5 metres
Main engines:2 x 2,350 kW; 2 x 2,525 kW (Pipri only)
Maximum speed:13 knots
Bollard pull:76 tonnes
Fendering:D type; W type
Other equipment installed:Heinen and Hopman HVAC
Floor/deck surface finishes:Teak imitating covering
Firefighting equipment:Pump; 2 x foam/water monitors
Accommodation:2 x single cabins; 2 x double cabins; laundry room; 2 x offices; water closet; galley; mess/lounge
Operational area:Arabian Sea, Pakistan

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