Norwegian companies form two new unmanned vessel joint ventures

Photo: DeepOcean

Norwegian companies Solstad Offshore, the DeepOcean Group, and the Ostensjo Group have entered into agreements to fast-track the adoption of remotely managed services with the aim of reducing operating costs and emissions for the marine and offshore industries.

The three partners have established two joint ventures (JVs) to support the remote operations drive. One of the JVs, named Remota, will own and operate advanced onshore remote operations centres, while the other JV will develop, own, and operate unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). The first Remota remote operations centre is fully operational.

The three partners will each own 33.33 per cent in the two JVs that will own and operate the remote operations centres and the USVs.

Remota will offer remote operations and semi-autonomous maritime services to existing vessels, remote operations of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and USVs. In addition, the company’s first remote operations centre will function as a control center for drone technologies.

Today, the centre operates DeepOcean’s ROVs from Haugesund, Norway, and has been in operation since 2019. The remote operations centre has already remotely managed ROV operations in European waters, supporting clients with subsea installations in addition to inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) campaigns.

The centre will operate independently of its three owners and offer its services to all operators, vessel owners and service companies worldwide. The centre will initially offer its services to offshore shipping companies and ROV operators but aims to also expand its service offering to other industries.

In addition to the remote operations centre, the three companies will establish USV AS, a separate company for investing in USVs equipped with a work-class ROV onboard.

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