VESSEL REVIEW | Tarajoq – Fisheries research vessel designed for Greenland’s waters

Best Fisheries Research Vessel – Tarajoq (Photo: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources)

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Pinngortitaleriffik) recently took delivery of a new research vessel built by Spain’s Balenciaga Shipyard.

Named Tarajoq after the old Inuit word for “Sea” as well as the Greenlandic word for “Salt,” the vessel was designed by Norwegian naval architecture firm Skipsteknisk for fisheries research, fish stock assessments, natural resource monitoring, and ocean exploration. It replaces the older vessel Pâmiut, which was previously used for those roles.

The new vessel was acquired at a cost of DKK235 million (US$32 million), making it one of Greenland’s largest investments in marine research platforms.

Measuring 61.4 by 16 metres and with a draught of 6.4 metres, the ice-reinforced Tarajoq is specially designed for sailing and working in Arctic waters and will be operated as Greenland’s main offshore research vessel for many years. Pinngortitaleriffik said that, thanks to its size and equipment, the vessel can sail further north and perform far more types of research and environmental tasks than has previously been possible.

Photo: Vonin

The vessel has space for 12 crewmembers and 20 researchers and also has rooms for training purposes as well as an onboard hospital.

A MAN main engine with a total rated output of 3,700 kW delivers a speed of 14 knots.

To aid in its main fisheries research activities, the vessel is fitted with trawling equipment ideal for use in catching demersal and pelagic species such as shrimp, cod, Greenland halibut, herring, mackerel, and capelin. The trawl gear was supplied by Vonin and can be used up to catch at depths of as much as 2,300 metres. The seabed mapping equipment can be used to survey up to 3,000 metres below the surface.

The vessel also carries a complete deck equipment package from Ibercisa. The package includes an array of fishing and oceanographic use winches, electric windlasses, chain stoppers and capstan, an A-frame, an L-frame, a launch and recovery gantry for a small tender, and two knuckle boom cranes.

The electronics suite includes equipment from Intellian while work on the interiors was provided by Maritime Montering.

Design work on Tarajoq was done in compliance to DNV rules.

Photo: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

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Type of vessel:Research vessel
Owner:Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
Designer:Skipsteknisk, Norway
Builder:Balenciaga Shipyard, Spain
Length overall:61.4 metres
Beam:16 metres
Draught:6.4 metres
Main engine:MAN, 3,700 kW
Maximum speed:14 knots
Other electronics:Intellian
Cranes:2 x Ibercisa
Fishing equipment:Vonin trawls
Interior designer:Maritime Montering
Operational area:Northern Greenland

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