Focus on Research and Training

Focus on Research and Training

Photo: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

This week, we review vessels in the marine research, training, and survey sectors entering service. These include survey workboats for government agencies in the US and Russia, a modernised training vessel for a Western Australian owner, a hybrid research vessel for an American university, and newbuild training vessels for operation in France and Norway.

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The French and Norwegian vessels are some of the more notable inclusions in this week’s lineup. In addition to being used for training purposes, they will also perform other roles such as ocean research and fishing. This indicates the versatility of some of the vessels in this sector, allowing operators to do more without necessarily acquiring more assets.

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FEATURE | Unmanned vehicles to support California science institute’s ocean exploration program

– “The nimble craft can be deployed from beaches, piers, and small boats to run complex missions on its own for weeks to months.”

FEATURE | International alliance conducts deep-sea research mission in Maldives

– “The mission saw the deployment of two advanced crewed submersibles, robotic and autonomous systems, and more than a dozen research technologies.”

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