AWARDS 2019 | Best Large Ro-Pax – Volcan de Tagoro – Incat Tasmania

AWARDS 2019 | Best Large Ro-Pax – Volcan de Tagoro – Incat Tasmania


Best Large Ro-Pax – Volcan de Tagoro – Incat Tasmania

Incat Tasmania is renowned as the pioneer of large fast Ro-Pax catamaran ferries. This latest example of their prolific creations is highly developed and refined but still typical. When you ride on these ships you quickly appreciate their speed, safety and comfort.

Their owners appreciate their relative economy and durability and their crews simply love ‘em. Volcan de Tagoro illustrates perfectly why Incat currently has such a fat order book.

Naviera Armas has an extensive fleet of vessels, and Volcan de Tagoro will be the fifth Incat vessel operating in the Armas fleet. It is the company’s first newbuild from Incat, having obtained its other Incat-built vessels on the second-hand market.

Luxurious open spaces and extensive facilities are available to all passengers. Plush carpets, hardwearing wood finish walkways, coloured wall panelling and stainless steel handrails are featured throughout.

Business passengers are treated to a bright and spacious compartment at the bow of the ship, with beautiful 180-degree views from the forward and side windows.

First class passengers have access to a private outdoor seating area with high-back bench seating which extends across the stern from amidships to the starboard side. A generous bar with beer taps, fridge and freezer, secure swipe-card style doorway access and exclusive female and male toilets complement a secluded space away from the activity of the main cabin.

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