Swedish operator to introduce low-emission ferries in 2023

Photo: Green City Ferries

Swedish builder and operator Green City Ferries (GCF) has unveiled plans to introduce a new series of low-emission catamaran ferries into service in 2023.

Each ferry will be equipped with a midship-placed foil that can lift the vessel halfway out of the water while sailing at high speed, thus significantly reducing surface resistance. GCF CEO Fredrik Thornell said they expect a power consumption of 30 kWh per nautical mile while sailing at 30 knots, which is almost half of the power consumption of a conventional catamaran craft.

The ferries will each have capacity for 150 passengers and 30 bicycles while propulsive power will be supplied by LTO batteries, fuel cells, or a combination of the two.

The vessels are being developed in partnership with New Zealand-based naval architects Teknicraft and Italy’s Sculli Design.

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