AWARDS 2019 | Best Interior Designer – Spear Green Design

AWARDS 2019 | Best Interior Designer – Spear Green Design


Best Interior Designer – Spear Green Design

Spear Green Design (SGD) has carved out an important niche for itself in the important sector of styling and interior design for all kinds of commercial vessels but mostly ferries and yachts. Spear Green’s talents invariably enhance the look and feel of every vessel they are applied to. They are now seen world wide.

“SGD has the technical background to produce lightweight code compliant vessels, as well as creating practical, functional, robust, efficient, safe, cost effective – and beautiful marine interiors,” SGD Principal Jeremy Spear told Baird Maritime. “We ensure the passenger flow makes sense and that spaces are functional and offer focal points.

“SGD’s qualified and very experienced and trained designers understand space planning, amenity, functionality of vessels as well as creating beautiful environments. They approach marine interiors from a holistic point of view and their works cover all aspects from lighting to materials as well as equipment and finishes specification to all the small details, features and advantages which come with a properly designed interior.”

The SGD team is responsible for the visual appearance as well as the ultimate functionality of the interiors of a vessel, whether a fast ferry, a Ro-Pax, a coastguard or paramilitary vessel or a private yacht – newbuild or refit.

“The design of SGD marine interiors is akin in some respects to the fitout of modern commercial aircraft,” added Spear. “Lighting, moods, facilities, accessories etc must all be specified and installed seamlessly and functionally.

“SGD ensures integration of systems and components across marine interiors. SGD ensures that the aircon doesn’t impact the deckhead systems, that the accessibility standards are met, that the vessel remains as light as possible to be as efficient as possible over life of vessel., that noise targets are attained and surpassed, that fit for purpose and readily available materials are specified.”

SGD is currently engaged on several projects in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

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