AWARDS 2021 | Best OSV – DSV – K&C One – Grani

AWARDS 2021 | Best OSV – DSV – K&C One – Grani

Best OSV – DSV – K&C One

Best OSV – DSV – K&C One – Grani

Validating the old adage, “beauty is as beauty does,” this comparatively short steel catamaran DSV packs plenty of functionality into its 17.5 metres of LOA.

This vessel was designed to perform a multitude of functions in remote and difficult locations and to do so reliably and economically. It will undoubtedly achieve those objectives.

“We believe the vessel stands out for combining an original design with a durable steel hull with relatively small size,” shipyard Grani told Baird Maritime. “This makes it capable of accommodating six crew and divers as well as specialised equipment including a dive control unit, three powerful compressors, a deck crane, a winch, and a stern-mounted A-frame to be used with a diving bell. Such a selection of equipment is rarely found on other steel catamarans of similar dimensions.”

Grani added that the installation of the various equipment also necessitated the installation of piping and wires totalling over 2.4 kilometres. Also, since K&C One is a highly specialised vessel, the construction provided the company with an opportunity to allow its own in-house team of shipyard workers to implement complex design tasks on their own.

The builder remarked that work is also underway on newbuildings besides traditional steel-hulled vessels.

“We are currently working on new projects aimed at reducing carbon footprint in addition to being reasonably affordable for our customers. According to various incoming requests, we see that there is a clear demand in the market for relatively inexpensive ‘eco-friendly’ vessels.”

Grani believes 2021 was a successful year as indicated by the award of four newbuilding contracts that will ensure continued work for the shipyard over the next two years. However, as the company is based in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, it was not spared from the negative impact of recent events.

“The beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine forced us to temporarily cease working on our current plans,” Grani told Baird Maritime, “but we are sincerely glad that all our partners expressed their support and let us know about their understanding should there be any delays.”

The company continues to express optimism after having identified trends that will influence the future direction of the offshore support industry.

“The rapidly developing industries of our time, such as aquaculture, offshore wind energy, tidal energy, has expressed their growing need for a modern, environmentally friendly fleet coupled with relatively low construction costs. As for the segment of the industry within Ukraine, the preferences will continue to be for steel and aluminium hulls. We also believe there are prospects for future cooperation in the development of new inland vessels for use in European waterways.”

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