AWARDS 2021 | Best OSV – AHTS – Sayan Prince – Tersan Shipyard

AWARDS 2021 | Best OSV – AHTS – Sayan Prince – Tersan Shipyard

Best OSV – AHTS – Sayan Prince

Best OSV – AHTS – Sayan Prince – Tersan Shipyard

Tersan is becoming increasingly well-known and respected for the quality of the powerful fishing, fish farming and offshore vessels it produces in the 60 to 100 metre LOA range. They are magnificent ships and this AHTS is a classic example of their genre.

With a massive 265 tonnes of bollard pull, she is a powerful beast and, having almost every imaginable piece of offshore equipment for every mission from Fi-Fi to ROV operations, she is ready to go almost anywhere and do almost anything in the offshore space. She’s a very fine ship.

“She is a technologically advanced and very strong offshore vessel with four main engines providing a total of 16,000 kW of power,” Elif Şahin, Tersan Shipyard Marketing Communications Executive, told Baird Maritime. “Her seven thrusters provide her with an exceptionally high level of manoeuvrability and a bollard pull of 265 plus tonnes force. She also has a fully integrated ROV hangar, a depth rating of 3,000 metres, and a high degree of redundancy for a mechanical driven AHTS in the current market.”

Şahin added that Sayan Prince is one of the most unique projects in which Tersan Shipyard has ever been involved. The AHTS was originally ordered by an Italian owner for construction at a Korean shipyard, but the subsequent offshore market crisis led to the project being cancelled. A new owner then purchased the hull and the equipment in the Korean yard’s warehouses, and these were then transferred to Tersan for completion and outfitting once the remaining design and engineering works were finalised.

“Building such a complicated and technologically advanced ship itself is already very challenging process,” remarked Şahin. “Furthermore, when such an assignment is combined with the completion and/or conversion of an incomplete ship scheme, then things get even more challenging. Fortunately, our dedicated team did a good job and re-established all the interfaces between the suppliers, the designer, the yard and the owner and successfully delivered the vessel.

Even after actual construction was completed, the owner recommended a number of modifications. These include an additional deck and an ice belt to enable sailings in regions with harsh weather conditions.

“Her fully integrated ROV hangar, with Evotec L-Frame LARS and IKM Subsea Merlin WR200 Work Class ROV, also proved challenging to integrate, but we can say we learned much from the endeavour.”

With regards to trends, Şahin commented that energy efficiency is the fastest growing one in shipbuilding today.

“The industry nowadays is just as concerned with efficient energy consumption as it is with efficient energy generation,” Şahin told Baird Maritime. “We are now building energy-efficient vessels running on LNG, hybrid, or  100 per cent electric-powered vessels with waste heat recovery systems, regeneration technologies, and other related systems.

She added that since the energy efficiency trend is leading to the creation of new technologies and applications, there are also new regulations being introduced in relation with these applications.

“Although batteries and LNG applications are very widespread these days, new green energy solutions are also being developed such as methanol, hydrogen, wind and solar power.”

Şahin said that crew comfort is another rising trend in shipbuilding, with examples such as newer vessels with cabins boasting hotel-like comfort and lounges and mess areas equipped with fireplaces where crews can gather and relax, cinemas, gyms, and saunas.

“We observed that the latter facilities are also being incorporated by default in the newer vessels.”

When asked about future prospects facing Turkey’s domestic workboat industry, Şahin said the industry’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver projects have proved crucial for ensuring success.

“The country has more than 80 shipyards scattered among the shores of the Marmara Sea, and their proven skills guarantee loyalty among existing customers besides attracting new customers from overseas. Our yards have considerable experience in various sectors such as fishing, passenger transport, dry cargo, offshore support, and even the military.”

Flexibility in production methods and the adoption of innovation in all aspects will be important factors for the shipyards in the coming years.

“The yards that recognise and appreciate these factors will be one step ahead of the rest,” Şahin told Baird Maritime.

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