AWARDS 2019 | Best Interceptor – Marell Boats interceptor demonstrator (M15)


Best Interceptor – Marell Boats interceptor demonstrator (M15) – Marell Boats

This potent, powerful and very impressive new interceptor design from Marell Boats is full of good, practical ideas. It is very fast, safe and relatively comfortable as well as being exceptionally versatile and readily adaptable to numerous roles.

According to Marell, it is the perfect balance of the vessel and the helmsman centre console giving full control in all type of speeds and manoeuvres that makes the vessel special.

“The raised fore deck makes the vessel run dry in heavy seas and the low aft deck is a perfect loading platform for cargo, jets skis and other equipment,” the company told Baird Maritime.

“The combination of a very strong, sleek and safe design with excellent speed performance in heavy seas and an unique turning capacity makes the perfect craft for high speed interception, which was the owner’s main requirement.”

Marell Boats has grown steadily with the introduction of the M9 open console with twin outboard and a speed capacity above 70 knots.

“2019 has been a great year with sales and growth in both the high performance leisure range as well as in the demanding offshore patrol and interception range,” said the company. “We have now started to see a huge demand for the M15 so 2020 looks really good.”

Marell believes the most important trends in the maritime security industry are the growing requirement for border protection and coastal security, following the need for protection of seaborne traffic, fishery areas, offshore wind parks and other marine assets.

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