AWARDS 2019 | Best Coast Guard Vessel – S-39 – Aister


Best Coast Guard Vessel – S-39 – Aister

This series of very interesting and impressive 10.5-metre high speed aluminium coast guard boats for Spain’s Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia Civil (SEMAR) was produced in Vigo by noted builder of fast aluminium boats, Aister.

Simple and practical, the boats, nevertheless, perform very impressively. Their two 260 kW Mercury Verado outboard motors provide them with a range of 450 nm at 30 knots. They can operate safely in four metre seas, not bad for 10 metre boats. Not only that, but the latest Ullman Dynamics seating ensures maximum comfort for their crews.

The recent series of three boats stand out mainly for their lightness and high speed. Designed for high speeds of 50+ knots, the boats nevertheless offer impressive manoeuvrability.

“What has most impressed us about this boat is the safety it transmits at high speeds, thus being able to carry out high-speed chase operations without risking the safety of the crew,” Aister Sales Manager Ignacio de Francisco told Baird Maritime.

“The three units are designed to operate in hot zones, so they are completely open boats with hard tops for protection from the sun. We are very pleased with the performance of these boats and thanks to them we have been able to improve our designs so that our constructions are increasingly fast, safe and durable.”

Aister was chosen by public tender, and has been building boats for the Spanish Coast Guard for more than 10 years. Builder and owner collaborate to improve every new vessel.

“I am very happy about how we are evolving as a shipyard and designers,” added de Francisco. “Besides the patrol boats, we have delivered in 2019 a fire boat with a great design, as well as the first USV built in Spain that is about to become operational in the next weeks. I believe that the market for aluminium boat building continues to grow, and is increasingly in demand worldwide.

“Without a doubt, we are experiencing a very rapid change in our ways of living worldwide. Globalisation means that there are more and more movements of people in the world. This is a challenge for countries and law enforcement agencies to maintain vigilance and order, so better equipment and better designs are increasingly needed. There is no doubt that technology is becoming more and more important for this type of construction, and that is precisely our challenge; to keep up to date with the latest advances in design in order to help our clients with the best option for them.”

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