Thai navy vessel rescues British yachtsman adrift at sea for three days

A Royal Thai Navy M21-class patrol boat (Photo: Marsun Shipyard)

A Royal Thai Navy vessel came to the aid of a mariner who had been adrift in his yacht for three days in the waters off Phuket on Monday, February 24.

The navy first learned about the distressed yacht when it was notified by the crew of a platform supply vessel (PSV) that had passed through the same area as the yacht on the afternoon (local time) of Monday.

The M21-class patrol boat Tor.232 then left Phuket at 19:30 and rendezvoused with the PSV before heading to where the yacht was found some 40 nautical miles off the popular Thai resort island.

Contact with the yacht was made at around 22:50 when the navy crew found the distressed vessel and its sole occupant, who has been identified as British national Michael Turner.

Mr Turner said he ended up adrift off Phuket after his vessel developed engine trouble three days prior. He had also been unable to use his vessel’s sails to enable him to return to shore.

Shortly after the two vessels made contact, Tor.232 towed the yacht to Phuket, arriving there at 09:30 on Tuesday, February 25.

Mr Turner said he would put to sea once more after the necessary repairs are completed on his boat, which remains berthed at the Royal Thai Navy base in Phuket.

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