Royal Malaysian Navy to get additional locally-built interceptor craft

A Royal Malaysian Police 17-metre interceptor built by Gading Marine. Six examples of this vessel's 18-metre variant were recently delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy and an additional 13 are to be handed over as well. (Photo: LOMOcean Design)

Malaysian media has reported that the country’s navy is set to receive an additional 13 interceptor boats in a series for use in maritime security missions in shallow waters.

The boats will join six other sister vessels that were delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy earlier in March.

The interceptors will each have a length of 18 metres and a crew of five. Two MAN 1,155kW main engines driving two HamiltonJet HM461 waterjets will propel each craft to speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Armament will include two 7.62-millimetre machine guns and a 12.7-millimetre machine gun mounted on a remotely controlled weapon station.

The vessels will be built by local shipyard Gading Marine.

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