Peru seizes narco-sub carrying nearly two tonnes of cocaine

Photo: Peruvian Navy

Peruvian authorities seized a drug-laden semi-submersible, otherwise known as a “narco-sub,” and its crew within the country’s territorial waters earlier this month.

A Peruvian Navy ship intercepted the 20-metre submersible at a point 178 nautical miles off the town of Talará in northwestern Peru on December 7.

During a subsequent search of the submersible’s interior, the navy boarding team found nearly two tonnes of a substance later identified as cocaine.

The vessel and its crew of four were eventually brought to the Port of Paita for processing. The four drug smugglers consisted of two Colombians, one Ecuadorean, and one Mexican, though Peruvian authorities have not yet determined the organisation to which the individuals belong.

An official investigating the case said the cocaine had originated in Ecuador and was being transported to Mexico when it was intercepted by the navy.

The same official added that this is the first incidence of a narco-sub being apprehended in Peruvian territorial waters.

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