Norwegian authorities name three suspects in Helge Ingstad sinking

Image: DPA
Image: DPA

Local police officials in Norway have identified three suspects in the collision between two vessels that resulted in the sinking of the Royal Norwegian Navy frigate HNoMS Helge Ingstad.

A prosecutor confirmed that charges of serious negligence resulting in violations of maritime traffic laws will be filed against Helge Ingstad’s duty officer, the pilot on board the commercial tanker Sola TS, and an employee at the local vessel traffic service (VTS) monitoring station in Fedre.

All three are believed to be primarily responsible for the collision between Helge Ingstad and Sola TS that in turn led to the warship’s sinking in the waters off Oygarden last November 8.

The formal filing of charges will come after the police conclude their investigation, which is expected for this summer.

Meanwhile, the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) claims their final report on the incident will be made available later within the year.

The AIBN, the Royal Norwegian Navy, and the tanker’s operators recently recreated the events leading up to the collision.

AIBN officials have stated that recreating the scenario has given them “a better picture” of what transpired in the early morning hours of November 8 but did not provide any details.

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