Sea-Cargo Ro-Ro ship to commence operations with tiltable rotor sails

Photo: Norsepower/Artur Sylerstrzak

A Ro-Ro vessel operated by North Sea transport provider Sea-Cargo has been fitted with a rotor sail propulsion system developed Helsinki-based Norsepower.

The installation on SC Connector consists of two 35-metre-tall sails that may be tilted to enable the vessel to navigate safely underneath bridges and powerlines.

Both Sea-Cargo and Norsepower claim the rotor sails will enable SC Connector achieve a fuel consumption, fuel cost, and carbon emissions reduction of up to 25 per cent. In good wind conditions, the vessel is expected to be capable of maintaining regular service speed by sail alone.

The ship will soon resume operational sailings along its designated route that covers western Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland.

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