AWARDS 2021 | Best Medium Cruise Ship – Ultramarine – LMG Marin

Best Medium Cruise Ship – Ultramarine
Best Medium Cruise Ship – Ultramarine

This very smart-looking, 200-passenger cruise ship packs plenty of space and power into its 128 metres LOA. She is primarily designed to conduct expedition cruises in polar regions. Cabins and public rooms are both spacious and of the highest quality.

Designed by Sembcorp Marine subsidiary LMG Marin and built to ice class 1A+ and polar class 6, she is fitted with the best of primary and secondary safety features, enabling her to operate in utmost safety in very remote and windy places. Notably, she is fitted with three very powerful side thrusters. They are vital in such regions.

"Ultramarine is an ice-class polar expedition cruise ship of a bespoke design developed and optimised by LMG Marin for the customer's operational requirements," Torbjørn Bringedal, Managing Director of LMG Marin, told Baird Maritime. "Beyond the vessel's attractive aesthetics, comfort, safety and robustness were integrated into the design for the well-being and enjoyment of passengers."

Bringedal then outlined the vessel's unique functionalities such as bigger cabins with large windows and private balconies and dedicated, safe and efficient infrastructure for helicopters, rubber expedition boats, kayaks and other facilities to enhance passengers' cruise and expedition experience.

Also incorporated are advanced sustainability features to reduce its environmental impact. These features include a micro auto gasification system (MAGS) that converts waste into energy to eliminate the need for waste transportation.

As the vessel needed to provide safety, stability and operational performance in harsh polar conditions, a number of design challenges were encountered and subsequently overcome.

"The design of Ultramarine is in full compliance with Safe Return to Port (SRTP) rules to ensure the safety of all onboard and operability in very remote and harsh-environment conditions," added Bringedal. "Our main philosophy is to design a safe platform, equipped with systems that are designed for transit possibilities, weather heading and navigational control to survive several damage scenarios."

Designed with fire suppression systems, the ship's arrangement is subdivided in several main fire containment zones, with segregated power, control, ventilation and habitability measures.

"The ship is also equipped with lifeboat capacity for all persons onboard, making her unique among cruise ships."

Detailed consideration of weight control and the centre of gravity were factored into the design to ensure stability and performance. Bringedal said LMG Marin worked with first principles, acquired a full detail of all weighted items, and developed a 3D model of the complete structural configuration to ensure optimum weight control. This control was maintained though all phases of the design and construction to satisfy deadweight requirements, freeboard limitations, and stability.

"Ultramarine is also designed for Polar Class 6 operations, enabling her to transit ice-infested waters. Her hull is additionally reinforced to resist the significant forces from ice."

Bringedal said that, with the maritime industry "going greener" and becoming more energy efficient, there is a greater demand for naval architecture solutions with increased technical complexity and a higher level of concept optimisations at the front-end project phases.

"Our R&D and work activities are largely focused on the development of cleaner and greener solutions," Bringedal told Baird Maritime. "Among these are the ones involving batteries, hydrogen, and other alternative fuels such as ammonia, which contribute to decarbonisation in the maritime industry.

Bringedal added that business activities have picked up with the progression to a new normal and gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

"The future looks promising and very exciting as we continue honing our sustainable design capabilities to be at the forefront of developments in the clean and renewable energy sector."

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