AWARDS 2020 | Best Ship Delivery Service – International Maritime Services

Best Ship Delivery Service - International Maritime Services (Photo: IMS)

Best Ship Delivery Service – International Maritime Services

International Maritime Services, or IMS, as it is better known, is a Perth-based but globally operating business that is now renowned throughout the maritime world for its high quality, reliable vessel delivery services.

Building on its base of delivering large Australian-built fast ferries to customers in Europe, Asia and South America, IMS’s clientele has broadened considerably over the years. Further, in addition to and often associated with deliveries, IMS conducts crew training, surveys and vessel tuning, trimming and enhancement.

IMS is the non-shipbuilder company that we at Baird Maritime hear more praise about than any other. The quality and competence of its masters and crews is continually commented on by both vessel owners and builders.

“Our ability to adapt our operations to better suit current limitations,” IMS Managing Director Brendan Cooley told Baird Maritime, “is what enabled to our team to continue our delivery of services even as 2020 put all of us to the test. Thanks to the support of our partners and clients, our vessel crews and shore-based personnel were able to ensure the successful completion of 24 delivery voyages around the world this past year.”

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the globe, the company made sure to continue enhancing its corporate social responsibility. Activities under this initiative included refusal to deliver vessels to ship breaking yards that have not been accredited by the EU and sponsoring of the Narc Dive Club’s annual harbour cleanup in Fremantle, which resulted in over 17 tonnes of debris being removed from the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

Cooley explained that the year 2020 also provided IMS with the opportunity to introduce two new service offerings.

“We have been focusing on securing some long-term vessel management contracts particularly in the high-speed ferry sector both in Europe and the Americas. We have a unique capability to offer value to operators through our exclusive and well-established relationships with the two Australia-based builders of these prominent craft.

“We are also building on our track record in providing test and trials crew for newbuild sea trials and training programs around Australia and are excited by the opportunities associated with the Australian Defence Force’s 2020 Force Structure Plan.”

Cooley added that these new service offerings were well-received upon introduction last year as indicated by collaborations with a number of operators. This then has led the company to regard 2021 as a year of exciting developments business-wise. It is a welcome prospect compared to the difficult year that was 2020.

“The challenges for our crewing team continue to evolve as countries go in and out of lockdowns,” Cooley told Baird Maritime. “Staff wellbeing has been a focal point especially when crew can spend more time in hotel quarantine than they do on the actual delivery voyage. Fortunately, our clients have been very supportive, and this allowed us to continue delivering our services despite the impediments present.”

Reinforcing IMS’s optimism is the possibility that the future will continue to provide opportunities.

“We operate in a slow-burn industry whereby changes are usually gradual,” commented Cooley. “We don’t foresee any major disruptions to the industry over the coming years. There will be opportunities and challenges that derive from alternative fuel and power sources as well as autonomous ships, but nothing that would be a cause for concern for our team.”

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