AWARDS 2019 | Best Composite Panel Supplier – Ayres Composite Panels

AWARDS 2019 | Best Composite Panel Supplier – Ayres Composite Panels


Best Composite Panel Supplier – Ayres Composite Panels

Ayres Composites has been a major contributor to Australia’s fast ferry development since the very beginning. As suppliers of attractive, durable, low-maintenance lightweight and, very importantly, fire-safe interior panelling, Ayres has ensured that ferry interiors have developed just as rapidly as have their exteriors.

“All our focus is on lightweight solutions,” Ayres told Baird Maritime. “Our panels are the lightest available in the market and this helps to reduce weight and therefore increase payload, speed, green footprint, etc. Our panels are also greatly configurable. We don’t sell just a standard solution but work with the customers to find the perfect panel configuration to meet the need/requirements.

The company’s vast range of different decors to chose from helps naval architects to design a unique, individual vessel – perfectly matching their client’s focus.

Ayres profiles and assembly accessories are integral component of the Ayres lightweight panel system. They provide a labour efficient and aesthetically enhancing assembly method, and completes Ayres’ overall system approach.

Ayres “Tailored Solutions” is a service providing CNC service to drawings provided by the client. Perfectly designed kits reduce the cost, labour and time fabricating and installing Ayres’ lightweight solutions.

The company said its main focus in 2019 has been on working on “ground breaking, innovative products” which will only be launched in 2020.

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