AWARDS 2019 | Best Seating Supplier – Beurteaux

AWARDS 2019 | Best Seating Supplier – Beurteaux


Best Seating Supplier – Beurteaux

Beurteaux is the by-word for transport seating, particularly ferry seating. Everywhere you find ferries, particularly fast ferries, most will be fitted with Beurteaux seats. Available in a wide range of models from basic to ultra-luxurious, they are suited to all imaginable ferry requirements. Its high-quality is renowned.

“Builders and operators need a reliable and comprehensive service that guarantees they are receiving and installing a high quality product for a long term service life,” Beurteaux told Baird Maritime.

“Beurteaux has always worked directly with its customers all over the world to better understand all of the issues that can affect passenger seating from installation through to refurbishment. Beurteaux is still servicing their seating on vessels that are more than 25 years in operation.

Beurteaux Alby Bench seating

“Our well established client base continue to return for new builds as well as new clients in the market are seeking a trusted and reliable supplier. With more than 30 years of supplying seating for fast ferries Beurteaux never stops looking and learning from an industry that continues to push boundaries and create new passenger experiences and expectations.

Beurteaux has been concentrating on improving every aspect of its seating and accessory range. Investment in new technologies and machinery has further enhanced the quality and efficiencies in production and offers clients the flexibility to design creative passenger areas to suit a variety of operations.

Beurteaux BTFC seats

The new “BTFC” seating range was developed from a client request to minimise fire loads and facilitate the fastest and most effective way to clean seats during tight schedules on busy passenger routes. These reduced weights also aid in the push for better fuel efficiencies. A new seat cover system has resulted in an easy process for operators to change over covers when required and a new lifejacket storage bag eliminates rubbish being left in the bags.

Custom lounges were a significant part of the overall seating supplied during 2019, with many of the larger fast ferries specifying bench lounges for dining areas and effectively dividing passenger zones. The “Alby Bench” was delivered into Scotland for the first time in 2019. This new bench design offers another option for external seating to suit all weather conditions.

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