GEAR | Molslinjen ferry gets manoeuvrability-enhancing interceptors following refit


Express 1, a high-speed catamaran ferry operated by Danish company Molslinjen, recently underwent a modification program that involved the installation of steering interceptors designed to provide additional manoeuvrability.

A set of Humphree interceptors has been installed on Express 1, thereby allowing the 2009-built, waterjet-equipped vessel to manoeuvre more effectively within the limited space between the piers in Rönne Harbour in Denmark.

Molslinjen opted for the installation of the interceptors as a more efficient means of manoeuvring. Prior to their installation, redirecting the flow of the waterjets – a process that consumed a significant amount of energy  – was the crew’s only available means of steering the 112-metre ferry in more restrictive port waters.

The interceptors are also capable of improved course keeping to help reduce the distance travelled regularly by Express 1 between Rönne and Ystad in Sweden.

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Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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