GEAR | HamiltonJet to equip hydrofoil test boat with electro-hybrid drive jets

GEAR | HamiltonJet to equip hydrofoil test boat with electro-hybrid drive jets


HamiltonJet has embarked on a project to refit a newly acquired test boat with the company’s innovative new electro-hybrid drive (EHX) waterjets.

The 15-metre, aluminium hydrofoil-assisted catamaran enjoyed a former life as a recreational vessel, cruising the waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. Now, with a significant refit well underway, the vessel is bound for a relaunch as a testbed of the EHX system.

The test boat was designed initially by Teknicraft and built by Q-West Boat Builders. Q-West will also complete the refit.

The extensive refit will convert the test boat into a parallel hybrid vessel fitted with the new EHX hybrid electric driveline solution to control the batteries, electric machines, and diesel engines.

Highlights of the plan are to replace the existing HJ364 jets and blueArrow controls with the latest HTX30 jets and AVX controls and to install a Danfoss electric drive system accompanied by a special A60 fire-rated enclosure to house the 600 kilograms of Corvus Dolphin lithium-ion batteries.

Following the completion of the work, HamiltonJet expects to be able to run the test boat on electric mode, diesel mode, diesel-generate mode, and diesel-boost mode.

The diesel-boost mode will combine the electric machine with the diesel engine, increasing the top speed. The EHX system will allow for a seamless transition between these modes.

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