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Best Gearbox Supplier – ZF

ZF has carved out for itself the largest slice of the global marine transmission or gearbox market. It also supplies innovative propulsion systems. For well over a century, its products have always exemplified the highest German quality standards. That so often makes them the first choice for gearboxes for vessels of all types and sizes. These days, there are few vessels reviewed here that are not fitted with ZF gearboxes.

ZF Marine’s updated product portfolio, including the latest hybrid enabled range of gearboxes available also in the down angle and V drive configurations, offers customers a one stop solution for advanced propulsion solutions, thanks to the capability to supply complete hybrid solutions integrating the electrical components.

ZF offers the brand new ZF 8000 transmission series suitable for a wide range of applications, including hybrid functionality. The design provides for a high degree of flexibility for manufacturers and fleet operators thanks to a modular design. The further hybrid compatibility on the ZF 8000 series gearboxes allow its use for local zero-emission propulsion.

The additional extended range of hybrid capable gearboxes with both down angle and V drive configuration gearboxes will be available for customers in 2020. The new ZF 400 marine transmission family has already launched, with advanced features like an optional embedded electronic unit to better control the newly installed proportional valves (in place of traditional on-off valves), thus granting smoother shifting/trolling and adding the possibility to integrate further smart alert functionalities for scheduled maintenance.

In 2019 ZF Marine launched a fully electrically powered innovation concept boat with assisted operations, which in the due course will become automated docking functions.

ZF will also present its new range of propulsion controls portfolio in 2020 with advanced features. It will be compatible with all relevant technical standards, and its processor will be ready for SIL 2. The controls platform will support a wide range of communication protocols with engines and thrusters, as well as with wireless devices and third parties displays/plotters. It will also carry an interface for predictive maintenance software and tools. It will be compatible with the main propulsion systems, with integrated controls of different functions into the brand new control levers, including trim control and wireless communication.

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