GEAR | Keppel Smit Towage selects service booking software developed by Singapore tech firm


Singapore-based technology company has launched the first ever mobile version of its proprietary nautical services booking software as an app for Keppel SMIT Towage.

The new application enables shipping agents to book nautical services for pilotage, towage, or workboats directly from their mobile phones. It also allows them to monitor the status and timings of their orders, with real-time updates.

In most ports, arranging for services currently requires multiple calls between agents and operators, as orders and updates are communicated verbally and recorded manually, a potentially time-consuming process. Innovez said the app replaces this manual communication with an interface that allows users to quickly access information and make bookings.

Innovez added that, by gathering precise information on the duration of jobs, the app can also facilitate the billing process.

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Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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