GEAR | Canada’s HaiSea Marine selects deck machinery from US firm

Photo: Robert Allan Ltd

Canadian operator HaiSea Marine has selected Seattle-based Markey Machinery Company to outfit each of its new tugs with a full suite of environmentally friendly deck machines.

Markey will engineer, manufacture, and service a stem-mounted 450hp (335kW) DESF-52UL electric escort winch working 80mm HMPE line, a stern-mounted TESS-52UL electric emergency tow winch with Markey render/recover controls, a single speed model CEP-60 electric capstan working mooring lines to five tons (4.53 tonnes) pull at 65 feet (19.8 metres) per minute speeds, and two bow-mounted model VEPA-16 vertical anchor windlass machines meeting class rules.

The machinery will be fitted on HaiSea’s ASD tugs, which are designed by Robert Allan Ltd for tanker escort duties at LNG Canada’s new gas liquification and export facility at Kitimat, British Columbia.

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