VESSEL REVIEW | Stødig – Norwegian-owned newbuild to take on trawling, seining, and crabbing

Best Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel – Stødig (Photo: adolfsen)
Best Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel – Stødig (Photo: adolfsen)

Asbjørn Selsbane, a family-owned fishing company operating out of the town of Lodingen in northern Norway, has upgraded its fleet with the recent acquisition of a new fishing vessel built for trawling, seine netting, and crab catching.

The newbuild is the second vessel to bear the name Stødig ("Steady") while in service with the same owner. It will operate in Northern Norwegian waters, operating offshore mainly to catch whitefish that can be delivered either fresh or live. The vessel is also equipped for targeting shrimp as well as snow crab, which will be frozen on board.

<em>Photo: Yanmar</em>
Photo: Yanmar

Measuring 39.3 by 11.5 metres, Stødig is equipped with electric winches, which were selected by the owner to ensure more efficient operations as well as to reduce environmental impact. The winches were supplied by Evotec Multisoft while SeaQuest installed the deck cranes.

It is possible for the vessel to easily switch between different fishing methods depending on the season. For snow crab fishing in winter, the vessel is equipped with an adjustable ice plough to help prevent ice from coming into contact with the starboard side hauling hatch.

<em>Photo: Yanmar</em>
Photo: Yanmar

In addition to the RSW tanks with a combined capacity of 450 cubic metres of both live and fresh catch, there is also a freezer to be used primarily for haddock and shrimp. DSI Dantech provided four plate freezers to generate a freezing capacity of 34 tonnes per day. Also fitted is a vacuum pump system from Cflow. The rest of the fishing equipment includes shrimp trawls and two trawl doors from Vonin.

Power is provided by a Yanmar 6EY22AW main engine with a rated output of 1,021 kW at 900 rpm.

Stødig will operate in a complementary role with the owner's other vessel Asbjørn Selsbane.

<em>Photo: Skogen</em>
Photo: Skogen
Type of vessel:Trawler/Seine netter/Crab boat
Owner:Asbjørn Selsbane, Norway
Builder:Karstensens Skibsværft, Denmark
Length overall:39.3 metres
Beam:11.5 metres
Draught:6.0 metres
Capacity:450 cubic metres
Main engine:Yanmar 6EY22AW, 1,021 kW at 900 rpm
Winches:Evotec Multisoft
Fishing equipment:Vonin shrimp trawls; Vonin trawl doors
Refrigeration/Fish processing equipment:DSI Dantech; Cflow vacuum pump system; RSW tanks
Other equipment installed:Ice plough
Operational area:Northern Norway

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