Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture

Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture


We again set our sights on the global fishing and aquaculture industries by reviewing a lineup of newly built and delivered vessels. The majority of vessels are from Norway and include trawlers, fish transporters, and farm support workboats, though we will also cover a feed barge in New Zealand, a net cleaning landing craft that will operate in Western Scotland, and a trawler for Southwestern France.

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We will also feature an interesting innovative project wherein a Norwegian technology company is developing a new type of closed containment system for fish farming. Among its offered benefits are a minimised risk of contamination, greater monitoring and control, more efficient breeding, and a reduced environmental impact.

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Vessel Reviews:

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FEATURE | New closed fish farm design promises lower risks of escape and contamination

– “The dimensions and geometry are designed the way the salmon likes best and with the right pressure in terms of depth.”

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OPINION | Something fishy about China’s anger over the Quad’s open ocean plans

– “China’s approach here may be more like the February 2023 spy balloon incident over the United States: we made a small mistake, but the problem is solved now, so don’t ‘overreact’.”

– by Denny Roy, Senior Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu

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