VESSEL REVIEW | Emerald – Arctic-capable freezer trawler delivered to Faroese owner

VESSEL REVIEW | Emerald – Arctic-capable freezer trawler delivered to Faroese owner

Photo: Skipsteknisk

Faroe Islands-based fishing company Havborg recently took delivery of a new stern trawler that also has fish processing facilities.

Emerald was designed by Norwegian naval architecture firm Skipsteknisk in compliance to DNV class rules. The newbuild has an LOA of 87.53 metres, a moulded beam of 18 metres, a depth of 7.8 metres, and berthing and hospital space for 40 crewmembers. The crew complement will be limited to 20 during shrimp fishing, which has lower manpower requirements compared to trawling for other species.

Three trawls from Cosmos Trawl and Vonin are currently fitted, though the vessel is prepared to accommodate an additional trawl following modifications. Cosmos and Vonin also supplied other equipment including rockhoppers and codends while Rock provided two sets of trawl doors.

Photo: Skipsteknisk

There is also a fish factory that can manufacture fish meal and fish oil and that has processing facilities for both shrimps and whitefish. The freezer hold has a total capacity of 2,250 cubic metres or 1,000 tonnes split between two decks.

Another hold can store up to 450 cubic metres of fishmeal while storage tanks are also available for fish oil.

The propulsion setup includes a 7,300kW main engine, a 2,250kW auxiliary engine, and a harbour generator. Equipment is available for optimising energy use, which will then allow the vessel to operate with reduced emissions.

The propulsion will enable the vessel to reach a speed of approximately 16 knots in ballast condition.

Emerald will operate primarily in the Barents Sea, though the ice class means the vessel will be able to withstand conditions in other Arctic waters.

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Type of vessel: Factory trawler
Classification: DNV, +1A, ICE (1B), “STERN TRAWLER”, E0, TMON, Hull: +1A ICE (1A*)
Flag: Faroe Islands
Owner: Havborg, Faroe Islands
Designer: Skipsteknisk, Norway
Length overall: 87.53 metres
Beam: 18 metres
Depth: 7.8 metres
Capacity: 2,250 cubic metres
Main engine: 7,300 kW
Auxiliary engine: 2,250 kW
Maximum speed: 16 knots
Fishing equipment: Cosmos Trawl; Vonin; Rock trawl doors
Accommodation: Hospital; cabins
Crew: 40

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