AWARDS 2021 | Best Scallop Boat – Lady Comeau III – Allswater Marine

AWARDS 2021 | Best Scallop Boat – Lady Comeau III – Allswater Marine

Best Scallop Boat – Lady Comeau III – Allswater Marine

Best Scallop Boat – Lady Comeau III – Allswater Marine

For the design of this fourth vessel for his high quality fleet, this experienced Nova Scotian owner went to compatriot firm of naval architects, Allswater Marine. They have produced a very capable and impressive 50-metre factory trawler/scalloper, the build of which was executed by a European shipyard.

The design shows a brilliant combination of experience and innovation that has resulted in a very efficient fishing machine.

Lady Comeau III was based on a hullform that was designed with the intention of reducing vessel motions and increasing hull efficiency,” Rob Crutcher, President of Allswater, told Baird Maritime. “Considerable effort was invested in the development of the hull design, and a comparative study between this particular hull and similar vessels was performed. Detailed voyage analyses were also used to guide the development effort which, in some cases, was measured in minutes of the operation.”

Crutcher highlighted that one of the greatest challenges with a vessel of this class is the complexity of the systems on board. With multiple decks of processing equipment and automation, the integration of all vessel functions began with the start of the design work and continued until the vessel was delivered.

The company added that two trends remain relevant throughout almost all sectors of the marine industry.

“The first is the trend towards emissions reductions, which is being guided by new and upcoming regulations and greenhouse gas strategies from flag states and IMO. The second is the growing need for remote access and support for the marine industry, which is essentially taking some of the tasks that have traditionally been completed onboard and bring them ashore. In some cases, this will make the operations more environmentally efficient and commercially viable.”

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, Allswater made good use of the last couple of years to identify worthwhile opportunities.

“The year 2020 was unpredictable for everyone, which led us to look at new initiatives and areas to ensure we could keep our teams busy. In 2021, many of these initiatives came to life along with the return of the industry sectors that had slowed in 2020, leading to a very busy year and new hires throughout our offices,” said Crutcher.

The company expects this momentum will continue in 2022 from what it has seen so far. It also expects there will be a continuing trend toward sustainability in the fishing industry. Additionally, future changes in requirements will deal with critical issues such as by-catch and the effect that vessels have on other species.

“We are also seeing a growing desire from many operators who want to explore electrification,” Allswater told Baird Maritime. “This may be for those who want pure electric vessels for inshore fleets, or the addition of storage systems onboard offshore vessels to improve the overall efficiency of the power plant. We’re happy that we’re contributing to these changes that are coming about in the industry.”

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