AWARDS 2019 | Best Trawl Monitoring Equipment Supplier – Notus Electronics


Best Trawl Monitoring Equipment Supplier – Notus Electronics

Notus is a leader in trawl-monitoring equipment. This fast developing aid to the world’s commercial fisherman makes their lives considerably easier and their fishing operations notably more efficient. It enables them to know exactly where their nets are in relation both to the trawler and the bottom and it shows them accurately just what is going into their nets.

“Notus is the only net monitoring system to offer true, Activ-Omni technology,” Notus’ Elizabeth O’Keefe told Baird Maritime. “Our systems are active, in that the sensors and hydrophones ‘speak’ to each other using a two way protocol. Other systems rely on traditional ‘pinger’ based systems.

“Our active communication provides complete trawl geometry and offers the spread on each door. Knowing the trawl’s geometry allows the captain to keep the trawl optimal during every tow. Our sensors are also the only sensors on the market to offer true, 360-degree capabilities. This is crucial when turning, when a door has fallen over and when fishing gear is lost. Our technology offers reliable communication in the deep-water fishing that fishermen are accustomed to.”

During 2019, Notus launched the Echo shellfish target detection system and the Mantis net sounder for target detection. These products are game changers for the commercial fishing industry, said O’Keefe.

The Echo system uses advanced acoustic analysis techniques, allowing the captain to actually “hear” shellfish entering the cod-end. This allows captains to know exactly where the shellfish volume is and go back over the same area, eliminating “water tows” and resulting in very productive fishing.

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