AWARDS 2023 | Best Purse Seiner – Nord-Fugløy – Skipskompetanse

AWARDS 2023 | Best Purse Seiner – Nord-Fugløy – Skipskompetanse

Best Purse Seiner – Nord-Fugløy (Photo: Larsnes Mek Verksted/Rovde Møbel)

Best Purse Seiner – Nord-Fugløy – Skipskompetanse

Your reviewer was overcome with envy while re-reviewing this beautiful ship. He remembered the first commercial fishing boat he crewed on 58 years ago, an ancient cockroach- and rat-infested converted pearling lugger that was totally devoid of modern equipment or comforts.

In complete contrast, this magnificent vessel is equipped with the best of everything and appears very comfortable indeed. Her crew is very spoilt. She is bound to be a profitable and happy ship.

“The vessel is outfitted in such a way that the crew will be operating as safely as possible,” Kent Arild Apneseth of Skipskompetanse’s sales division told Baird Maritime. “When fishing using the Danish seine method, the vessel is loading the fish from the stern, allowing the crew to keep the bow up against the weather.

“Operations such as connecting the net to the suction hose for loading of the catch, which are normally done in an exposed area, are instead accomplished by pulling the net in through a hatch in the stern, allowing the crew to connect the net to the hose in a sheltered area before extending the unique telescopic loading hose in a controlled manner out through a small slipway. This approach also eliminates the need for a crane to lift the hose.”

Apneseth remarked that the challenge in the design process lay mainly in incorporating the increasing size and capacities of fishing equipment, vessel capacities, and factory facilities within a limited space whilst still ensuring that the vessel is able to operate as effectively and as safely as possible.

“The increasing cost of fuel and emissions taxation are pushing the need for vessels to be effective in their intended roles. This has then led to solutions such as optimising hull lines to reduce resistance, heat and energy recovery systems, and alternative fuels.”

The year 2023 was slower than normal for Skipskompetanse due to outside factors such as fishing quota uncertainties, Apneseth believes the fishing vessel industry remains focused on fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, and maximising catch value.

“Some of the major issues with alternative fuels are that the associated systems all take up greater space in vessels, and the availability is limited,” he added. “With reduction of quotas, maximising the value of catch can be accomplished even through something as simple as retaining by-products such as heads and guts.

Commenting on the future of the Norwegian workboat industry, Apneseth said efficiency and greater endurance will continue to be important factors.

“I think we will see a continued effort in developing the most efficient vessels and to adapt to the increasing needs of both owners and regulators,” he told Baird Maritime. “Also, we could see more combined vessels, allowing for increased duration in operations.”

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