VESSEL REVIEW | Jinfeng 2 – Chinese tuna longliner pair built for Atlantic sailings

VESSEL REVIEW | Jinfeng 2 – Chinese tuna longliner pair built for Atlantic sailings

Photo: China Classification Society

China’s Dalian Liaoning Shipyard has handed over two tuna longline fishing vessels in a series to local shipowner Sino-Ocean.

Jinfeng 2 and Jinfeng 4 will be operated in the Atlantic Ocean. Specifically, they are designed for operation in the higher latitudes that are characterised by significantly lower water temperatures.

Photo: China Classification Society

The newbuilds each measure 52 metres long and are fitted with carbon emissions reduction systems and energy-saving features in the various systems from the propulsion setup to the fishing equipment. These will help ensure energy consumption is kept as low as possible, thus ensuring the long range and endurance that are necessary for distant fishing voyages so that fewer trips will need to be completed to satisfy quotas.

Jinfeng 2 and Jinfeng 4 were designed and built in compliance to China Classification Society (CCS) requirements. CCS said the newbuilds will operate as part of a planned fleet of distant water fishing vessels.

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Jinfeng 2 & Jinfeng 4
Type of vessel: Longline fishing vessels
Classification: China Classification Society
Flag: China
Owner: Sino-Ocean, China
Builder: Dalian Liaoning Shipyard, China
Length overall: 52 metres
Operational area: Atlantic Ocean

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