COLUMN | “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” – China boosts Pakistan sea power [Naval Gazing]

Since its creation in 1947, the Pakistan Navy (PN) has sourced its warships from a number of countries, including the USA, UK, France and China. Long-standing duties of the PN include the protection of the nation’s sea lines of communication, securing Pakistan’s coastal areas against terrorist incursions, and participation in multi-national maritime security operations.

FEATURE | No smooth sailing for China’s aircraft carrier programme

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Ukrainian-built Liaoning, was commissioned into the PLA Navy in 2012, after the Chinese had carried extensive refurbishment and modernisation work, and China reportedly plans to establish a force of at least four large aircraft carriers. Liaoning’s Chinese-built near sister ship, currently dubbed the Type 001A, has already undergone sea trials, and might be commissioned as early as April 2019. It will probably be named Shandong.

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