FEATURE | Renewed Mediterranean migration crisis threatens

Since 2014, more than 1.5 million irregular migrants (IM) have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe from North Africa, by means of small boats, thereby earning migration racketeers a great deal of money. Around 18,000 IMs have probably died making the trip, mainly due to the foundering of the fragile and overcrowded vessels used.

FEATURE: NGO ships under pressure in the Med

Some 500,000 irregular migrants (IM) have reached Europe by sea, mainly by way of Libya, in the past two years, while more than 6,000 people are estimated to have perished in the attempt. Inevitably, resistance in European countries to this human wave continues to grow, and a number of nations are now refusing to accept any more IRs for resettlement.

Right-wing group a new player in Mediterranean Sea migration crisis

The irregular migrant (IM) crisis in the Mediterranean, has seen, so far this year, the rescue of some 110,000 IMs, mainly from large, but flimsy, racketeer-supplied, Chinese-made RIBs, while more than 2,000 have probably perished in the attempt. Most of the IMs, who originate from a variety of nations, begin the sea phase of their journey on the Libyan coast.

FEATURE: NGO rescue flotilla operating in the Mediterranean

Irregular migrants (IM) have been crossing the Mediterranean Sea towards Europe in significant numbers since 2011. By the end of 2016 some 630,000 IMs had made the journey, with an estimated 13,000 dying in the attempt.

The Italian Coast Guard initially took most of the strain of dealing with the efflux, but the escalation of numbers attempting the crossing, and financial concerns, led, from 2014, to the direct involvement of maritime forces of other European nations.

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