BOOK REVIEW | A Carrier at Risk – Argentine Aircraft Carrier and Anti-Submarine Operations Against the Royal Navy’s Attack Submarines During the Falklands/Malvinas War, 1982

By Mariano Sciaroni

A most interesting and thought-provoking book that valuably describes an important but largely forgotten small war. Because that war utilised comparatively modern weapons and doctrine, this description is of particular value to the current generation of naval officers. It is equally of value to naval history enthusiasts.

BOOK REVIEW | RMS Adriatic (II) – White Star Wonder Ship in Old Picture Postcards

By Ben Smith

An interesting approach to maritime, or at least ship, history. This is a little book comprising some 33 very briefly but well captioned postcards.

However brief, the technique captures and describes well the ship and life aboard her. The Adriatic was launched in 1907 and plied the North Atlantic run until 1934. A luxurious and popular ship, she had a good and useful career despite the comparatively low speeds she operated at.

The postcards selected are remarkably clear. They evoke the era beautifully and clearly show the ship’s quite unusual bridge arrangement.

Available from Helion & Company, Warwick, UK.


BOOK REVIEW | Narvik and the Allies – The Polish Brigade at Narvik 1940


By Evan McGilvray

The Allied Narvik campaign coincided, more or less, with the German invasion of Norway in April 1940. While it failed in its primary objective of gaining a permanent chokehold on Nazi iron ore shipments from Sweden, it had the very useful unintended consequence of effectively neutering the Nazi High Seas Fleet.

BOOK REVIEW: Defending Island Britain in the Second World War

By David Rogers

A most interesting, useful and, hopefully, inspiring analysis of Britain’s preparations for a threatened Nazi invasion in 1940/41. There is much of current value here for other island nations such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and, of course, Britain again.

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