REMINISCENCES | A bit of light on the subject

Back in the days when lookouts were posted on ship’s fo’csl’ heads and as well as keeping a good lookout the man had to repeat the time on the ship’s bell in response to the small bridge bell that was rung by the helmsman. When responding to the bell, it was also usual to call out “lights are bright” to indicate that all was well with the ship’s navigation lights.

In this context I was recently reading that of recent years it has become the practice to leave the nav lights on 24/7.  Having seen this I was reminded on an incident from my apprenticeship years during the early 1950s.

RAN conducts trials of upgraded landing craft

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has completed shore loading and unloading trials of one of its LCM-1E-class landing craft following the incorporation of upgrades that allow the vessel to transport much heavier vehicle loads.

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