COLUMN | United naval front forms up in the South China Sea [Naval Gazing]

It is now more than 20 years since China enacted its proactive policy in the South China Sea (SCS). The core element of this policy remains the enforcement of Beijing’s claims to most of the sea, and the outcrops within it. China has built sensor and weapon-equipped facilities on at least seven of the outcrops, and sends warships, or paramilitary vessels, to challenge non-Chinese vessels which sail close to them.

COLUMN | US Navy plots a partially unmanned future course [Naval Gazing]

The deployment of unmanned surface vehicles (USV) by the world’s navies continues to gain momentum. Thus far, though, the naval usage of USVs has been focused on the conduct of prolonged, repetitive coastal and littoral operations, such as long term patrolling and surveillance missions, and mine detection and clearance, using small USV platforms, such as the Israeli Protector, and UK’s Autonomous Minesweeping System.

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